BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
autotools-buildrootAdd symlink for the lab-dataThomas Petazzoni3 years
dev_mylene/yocto_update/krogothyocto: labs: Set to linux-ti-staging + note about providersMylène Josserand2 years
kernel4daysCustom kernel agenda for 4 daysMichael Opdenacker3 years
kernel4dayscustomCustom kernel agenda in 4 daysMichael Opdenacker3 years
marvell-armadaUpdate Marvell specific labThomas Petazzoni4 years
masterKernel locking: add reference and summaryMichael Opdenacker6 days
mtd-rework-WIP"Block vs flash" has already been covered in the block-filesystems sectionBoris Brezillon4 years
sysdev-3dNew sysdev-3d branch, with agenda for 3 daysMichael Opdenacker2 years
sysdev-4dLXR/Elixir links: distinguish kernel directories and regular filesMichael Opdenacker21 months
sysdev-imx4d agenda on i.MX7Michael Opdenacker8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
6 daysKernel locking: add reference and summaryHEADmasterMichael Opdenacker1-1/+14
6 daysMinor font size fixMichael Opdenacker1-1/+1
6 daysKernel debugging lab improvementMichael Opdenacker1-12/+27
6 daysKernel debug lab improvementsMichael Opdenacker1-7/+22
6 daysMinor improvementsMichael Opdenacker6-10/+43
10 daysKernel porting: enlarge font when possibleMichael Opdenacker1-11/+11
11 daysKernel compiling: recommend make -j 8Michael Opdenacker2-2/+2
11 daysUpdate my profile informationMichael Opdenacker1-2/+0
11 daysImprove sleeping diagramMichael Opdenacker1-124/+200
11 daysUpdate /proc/iomem exampleMichael Opdenacker1-17/+17